Crescent Bay Park

Crescent Bay Park

Beach, Picnics and Play!

Just south of Casa Del Mar & Shutters, Crescent Bay Park has a nice big patch of soft grass to hang solo or with a group and it’s my go-to beach spot if I’m bringing the pup along. Steps from the sand it’s a perfect place to chill with your four-legged furry and enjoy the ocean air. I had a really, fun birthday picnic here a couple of years ago… games, food, dogs, guitars… you get it.

Technically dogs can’t be off leash, but plenty of people do it… you know your animal and if it’s worth taking the chance. Personally, I have an extra, long lead that I use to tether my pup so she has plenty of slack to roam around and I can lay back and just chillax.

There is almost no one around when the weather is chilly (which in Santa Monica happens a lot believe it or not) which makes this a great spot to decompress and simply collect your thoughts in the horizon.

There are lots of parking meters around and I usually have no trouble finding a spot, but if you’re staying for more than an hour or so, it is literally right off the beach parking lot, where you won’t have to worry about time. About a 5 minute walk north will take you to the famous Santa Monica Pier. Take the boardwalk south and you’ll be in Venice in 15. When hunger calls, check out Cha Cha Chicken just around the bend on Ocean Ave, or Perry’s Beach Café 5 minutes south at Ocean Park.

2000 Ocean Ave, Santa Monica, CA

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