I’ll admit it – I love reality TV. And I love food. So it only makes sense that I swoon over shows like Top Chef on Bravo.

The combination of (seemingly) yummy food and reality TV has my name written all over it! More than many of you could probably even understand…

One of my favorite Top Chef-ers is Michael Voltaggio. He won season 6 and is a progressive chef who is best known for his cutting-edge molecular gastronomy. I’ve been wanting to go to his restaurant INK in West Hollywood, California for quite some time, so when the guy I was dating made the suggestion to go for my birthday – I was ecstatic!

It’s a dimly lit setting with a modern eclectic vibe. There are about 3 wait staff for every guest, so the service was impeccable right from the first step through the door. After looking at the menu and being overwhelmed with the amazing options, my date and I asked to have the chef make us whatever he felt like! We also opted to have the wine paired for us as well. Maybe we were just lazy now that I think about it LOL.

We decided to get 5 courses and let me tell you: every single one of them was ah-mazing. The food is constantly changing on their menu, so I won’t go into too much detail, but we had salted charcoal potatoes which were little potatoes boiled in squid ink to get their black, charcoal-like coloring. The steak tartare was my favorite – beautifully presented too! We also got Ahi Tuna, Pork Belly and muscles. It was a great variety of proteins and flavors.

We started the meal with a champagne pairing and had a rose for the second half. Let me tell you – there is NOTHING wrong with that! All in all, it was a great dining “adventure” and I highly recommend it as the cherry on top to a day in WeHo.

8360 Melrose Ave #107, Los Angeles, CA
West Hollywood

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