Firefly – Studio City

When my parents came to visit me in LA, my Mom really wanted to go to the restaurant Firefly in Studio City because she saw it on TV (I don’t even remember which show-maybe Hell’s Kitchen?). So I made a reservation after going to Ellen (the entire audience got 12 day tickets, so we get to go back in December! what what!!).

Let me tell you, it was the perfect ending to a great day. I got their pineapple cocktail that came with a beautiful carnation flower floating on top as a garnish. It was delicious! So was the food! But the atmosphere at this place was the best part.

They have outdoor seating that backs up to a hillside with lush vegetation. There are small lights everywhere to simulate… wait for it… FIREFLIES! It was very pretty. The entrance to this place is a little tricky since there’s no signage. So just look for the giant wall of Ivy and a valet stand outside and you’re at the right place.

11720 Ventura Blvd. Studio City, CA

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