Judy’s Saloon & Pool Hall

Judy’s Saloon &  Pool Hall

Sometimes it pays to do something spontaneous.

On a road-trip to Chicago, my friends and I decided to hop off on Historic Route 66 whenever we felt like it, no matter how much time it would add or how much gas we had in our tank.

Well, as luck would have it, we somehow stumbled upon the insane little town of Oatman, Arizona, the Twin Peaks of the desert. First of all, it’s overrun by wild burros, curious little donkeys that get more and more tame the closer you get to main street. Once you’re in town, do yourself a favor and stop in to Judy’s Saloon.

It’s the quirky epicenter of the weirdest little town I’ve ever been to. Ask the bartender to name the burros for you, and he’ll do it. Hell, ask him anything and he’ll probably somehow circle back to the fact that the giant white buffalo on the wall once starred in a movie with Charles Bronson. This is a campy odd little gem that’s not to be missed!

260 Main St Route 66
Oatman, Arizona, AZ
  • Judy’s Saloon &  Pool Hall
  • Judy’s Saloon &  Pool Hall
  • Judy’s Saloon &  Pool Hall

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