The Harmony Hotel

The Harmony Hotel

Tortugas Nesting: The Best Costa Rican Adventure!

If you are looking for the best thing to do in Costa Rica, you certainly have your pick of fun activities. Zip-lining and tree-bridges are cool and all, but the absolute best part of my crazy Costa Rican adventure was watching the tortugas nest

Though it was unplanned, I arrived at just the right time! September during a new moon is a most busy nesting time. It was the rainy season and many roads were washed out, which made for quite an exciting journey just finding the right spot to observe these endangered creatures emerging.

It sure is amazing watching these majestic creatures depart from the sea with the incredible backdrop of an epic Costa Rican, ocean sunset.  To lay their eggs, after swimming thousands of miles, these beauties somehow find their way back to the very spot where they themselves hatched years before. They waddle their way up the beach until finding a good spot to settle and dig.  When the hole is big enough, in a trance like state, they start to lay their eggs. Finally, they bury up the nest and waddle away.  

We learned from the locals to help cover up their tracks, as many people hunt for the eggs to eat. Looking back on this I can still say, it was such a special thing to witness. One day I’ll get back to watch them hatching.

Another highlight: Staying in Nosara at the lovely Harmony Hotel, which boasts a casual, tropical vibe of simply elegance. I’m not an avid surfer but I can definitely argue that this is the best place to learn how.  Beyond the beautiful little path to the ocean behind the hotel is where I learned to surf on waste high, long, slow waves, with the water, air and light rain temp all deliciously around eighty-eight degrees. You absolutely don’t want to miss this Bestdination!

Pura Vida baby!

Guiones Beach, Provincia de Guanacaste, Nosara, 5233, Costa Rica

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