What can we say about Disneyland that hasn’t already been said?

I’ve been there COUNTLESS times, and every time I seem to find a new favorite spot. Here’s the deal, make your visit COUNT. Don’t go on a holiday, don’t go on a weekend, and don’t go if it’s a million degrees outside.

A Tuesday in November is the best time to go to Disneyland. Make sure you get fast-passes to the premier rides, and plan your day around them. Bring your own food, they let you do that! You can store a little cooler bag in one of the lockers or carry it around with you if you feel like it.

Take breaks! They have a bunch of little bars, (big ups to the Tiki Bar attached to the Paradise Pier Hotelland spots to get away from the crowds and recharge. As long as you plan ahead, your trip will truly be the happiest trip on earth!

1313 Disneyland Dr, Anaheim, CA

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