North Shore Bike Path

North Shore Bike Path

North Shore, Oahu: Best Bike Path!


Cruise along this tropical path on Oahu’s North Shore, nestled between Kam Highway and the the Pacific Ocean in one of the world’s premier surfing and vacation destinations. From Velzyland to Pupukea it’s a smooth little ride that will not disappoint.

When I lived there this was the path I’d take from home to yoga. It’s a delicious taste of that island-life magic. The air is so sweet and warm, and you are never far from an opening to the coast line. Catch a big wave surf contest or land at Sharks Cove to explore the reef and get lost in the views.

Next time you’re in Hawaii and find yourself on the North Shore of Oahu, be it on foot or bike, this is a nice and easy way to get from here to there on aloha time. It’s absolutely the best!


59 Ke Iki Rd, Haleiwa, HI

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