Fremont Street

Fremont Street

If you’re going to Vegas, odds are you’re gonna spend a ton before you even sit down at a blackjack table…

But what if I told you that you didn’t have to? Enter Fremont Street. Sure it’s grimier than the strip, but it’s more FUN.

The crowds tend to be younger and hipper and there are WAY fewer UFC lookin’ dudes yelling at women in almost no clothes. It’s a mess, but it’s great, like Vegas should be.

Need a break from stuffing $20s into a Ted 2 slot machine? Why not stop by the madcap romp of a piano bar Don’t Tell Mama. It’s old school karaoke, just a guy with a piano and lyrics from your brain (but don’t worry, they have an ipad ready in case you need it.)

On any given night you can find a bachelorette party full of theater nerds, professional singers in from overseas, or the stars of the strip’s biggest shows trying to blow off some steam. It’s always a blast, and one of the BEST places to have fun on Fremont Street.

517 Fremont St, Las Vegas

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