The American dive bar is going extinct.

Whether being razed for eyesore condos or “upcycled” into soulless, faux-hip, laminated, jerk-pits, they’re disappearing before our very eyes. Well, if you live in Omaha, make sure you go to O’Leaver’s before it’s too late.

This pub feels like the party house where all those dudes who are in that band live, and that’s probably because it kinda is. It’s owned by musicians, it has incredible music AND comedy, and if you’re a stranded struggling artist who doesn’t suck, they’ll probably let you crash in the basement. So don’t be an uh-oh boy, and head over to O’Leaver’s and knock back a couple PBR tall boys that don’t even cost as much as an hour of parking in L.A.

1322 S. Saddle Creek Rd Omaha, NE

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