Snow Summit

Snow Summit

My friends and I are originally from small towns in New England, so living in Los Angeles, CA makes us crave some serenity in the woods every once in a while.

In the chilly month of December, we decided to make a weekend trip out to Big Bear, California to enjoy some skiing, hiking and small town, winter coziness.  I had only been skiing twice before, so Snow Summit’s easy trail was perfect for me! My friend was an avid snow-boarder, so he tackled the harder trails.

The resort had a little bit of everything for everyone, so we both were able to enjoy our day there.  Overall, Big Bear was a fantastic 2-day retreat that was as good as chicken soup for the soul!

I’d like to go back in the summer when it’s warm to enjoy different activities on the lake… have you guys been to Big Bear in the summer? Any recommendations?

880 Summit Blvd, Big Bear Lake, CA

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