Happy Buddha Boutique Hostel

Happy Buddha Boutique Hostel


A few years ago I was invited by a friend to visit Medellin, Colombia. For years, the city lived in infamy brought on by the long-time reign if international drug lord, Pablo Escobar. Now, decades after his death, it is one of the most amazing places I have ever visited.

Touted as “The City of Eternal Spring,” it is blessed with amazing year-round weather, great places to eat, stay and party and extremely friendly people. Home to famous events like “Feria de las Flores” (The Festival of Flowers) and Colombia Moda (Colombian Fashion Week), this amazing city offers something for everyone! I have stayed at various hotels and vacation rentals, but by far my favorite place is the Happy Buddha Boutique Hostel.

Nestled in the central tree-lined area called El Poblado, near Parque Lleras – the Buddha is half hotel, half premium hostel, which attracts a wide array of travelers from all over the world ranging from backpackers to businessmen to couples. Everyone always converges at Happy Buddha’s Tree Bar on the main level of the hotel, making for some very entertaining conversations.

The atmosphere there is just  amazing, the prices are right and the company is diverse and engaging. When planning a trip to Central America, make sure to spend a couple of days in Medellin and at the Happy Buddha.

a 7-164, Cra. 35 #7-124, Medellín, Antioquia, Colombia

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