Swizzle Inn

Swizzle Inn

When we were in Bermuda for an overnight stop on our cruise, we knew we wanted to try a local restaurant and get a taste of the local culture.

We asked every local we came in contact with and they all said the same thing “Swizzle Inn“. One woman told us you’d “swizzle in and swagger out”! It was the original birthplace of the island’s famous Rum Swizzle. We knew we HAD to go. We rented a moped for 24 hours, so we could come and go as we please, which was nice.


We found the restaurant after visiting the Crystal Caves (check out my other bestination for that), and Warwick Long Bay Beach (check out that bestination too) so it was just before sunset. The rum swizzle tasted very similar to Tahiti’s famous drink, the mai tai. Both are fruity, tropical and use rum as the liquor. We ordered the conch fritters to start and they were very delicious. I couldn’t really taste any of the conch because the other flavors were pretty dominate, but they were yummy. I also got the battered, local rock fish which was cooked to perfection. A great way to end our day!

87 South Rd, WK10, Bermuda
  • Swizzle Inn

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