Maya Coba

Maya Coba

Visiting the country where half of my family lives had proven to be difficult over the years…

due to a combination of work schedules and other plans. I finally was able to take a week and visit them last May. The trip itself was nothing short of spectacular, and the places that we went are simply icing on the Deutsch Schokolade Cake.

The very first night, my baby cousin Leslie took my buddy who joined me last minute and me to Maya Coba, a wonderful outdoor restaurant with a large, beautiful indoor tropical-themed ballroom.

I was anxious to finally eat German meat again. As we say, when it comes to sustenance, if it is beer, bread, or meat, we cannot be beat.  So I ordered the Hähnchenfilet (chicken fillet) with tomato sauce with pepperoni mixed in, olives, garlic, and grilled onions over white rice. It was the juiciest, most amazing chicken I’d ever tasted. After washing it down with some Astra (my favorite beer), we took the party inside and hung out listening to salsa music and watching everyone dance the night away.

Wilhelmsstraße 2A, 34117 Kassel, Germany
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